Sharing Todo Lists with iOS 5’s Reminders app

Justin French, October 2011

Last night I figured out that it’s possible to share your reminder lists with other iCloud users, like a Groceries list shared with my wife Kate, which we’re trying out right now.

The new Reminders app in iOS 5 leaves a lot of room for improvement, and this is a big one — there’s no indication anywhere in the iOS interface that you can share these lists, but you can!

Under the hood, the reminder lists are stored on iCloud as part of iCal’s data. On a whim, I logged into iCloud’s web interface, went to my calendar, found the Groceries reminder list, and shared it with Kate’s iCloud email address, just like we already do with some shared calendars.

!/images/12.png (Screen shot showing the UI for sharing reminder lists)!

So far, it works great!